Synthetic Grass Surfaces

At Grassports, we offer the latest in synthetic grass technology that is locally produced, hard wearing and long lasting, ensuring enjoyment for many years. Able to be used through every season from drought to wet weather, you can enjoy your surface and play and perform at your best all year round.

Transform your learning and play spaces and sports grounds into vibrant, custom designed and professional synthetic sports surfaces suitable for all fitness levels and abilities.

Synthetic grass is a fantastic option to use as there are so many possible sport combinations that can be incorporated into one space.

Grassports have multiple synthetic grass products to suit a wide range of customer requirements – from light traffic social private courts, to heavy traffic club facilities and school spaces. We understand everyone has different needs and budgets and can tailor a solution that best suits you.

To find out more about how we can help you achieve the top results for your organisation, school, club, or private facility, arrange a consultation with a member of our experienced Grassports Australia team.

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