Maintenance transforms from unusable to as-new condition

Category: Synthetic Grass, Tennis, Netball

Address: Croydon VIC

The importance of maintenance for synthetic sports surfaces is illustrated by this resurrection of a multipurpose sports court on campus at Swinburne University of Technology.

The court had not been maintained for five years, was completely covered in moss, dirt, mud, sludge, possum droppings, and even the remains of local wildlife (probably a possum!). The court lines were not actually visible and the surface unusable, slippery and dangerous.

Utilising our specialised equipment and expert staff, the facility was pressure washed thoroughly, sand dressed and groomed with particular attention to high traffic areas.

The treatment revealed a rejuvenated and safe multi-purpose facility suitable for basketball, netball, volleyball, and tennis.

The Swinburne University of Technology Croydon campus enhances the learning and up-skilling of builders, plumbers and other construction apprentices in green trades and traditional plumbing courses. The students now have a fun environment for recreation and fitness between learning sessions.

At Grassports Australia, we recommend regular maintenance of your synthetic sports surface to ensure optimal playing characteristics and the longevity of the surface are preserved. Surfaces that are not maintained can be costly to repair or replace, can affect athlete safety and may even impact on your warranty. It makes sense to look after your investment with a customised maintenance plan.

Although a near-miracle has been achieved to restore this facility it is our strongest recommendation that regular maintenance is carried out.

Every court is different, so ask our experienced staff about your personalised maintenance plan to ensure a safe and premium quality facility at all times. Arrange a consultation with a member of our experienced Grassports Australia team.