Netball & Basketballer's Dream

Category: Netball, Education, Acrylic Surface

Address: Drysdale VIC

Fun environments for active people!

St Ignatius College had no sports courts before Grassports Australia transformed an empty space into a useable playing area specifically for basketball and netball all year.

Being a new client to Grassports, St Ignatius College is delighted with the outcome of their new acrylic sports courts made from Laykold Masters, a high performance multi-layered acrylic system with a hard wearing and long-lasting surface that will prevent UV degradation of asphalt surfaces. The specifically designed surface is also cooler and better to play on!

Aussie Blue and Burgundy Laykold colours were chosen for the courts, 1,000+ litres later leaving a vibrant and eye-catching result that improves the school’s appearance and functionality dramatically.

St Ignatius were very impressed with the results provided by Grassports Australia.