Acrylic Sports Surfaces

There is no doubt that the eye-catching acrylic netball, basketball and tennis courts look amazing in the vibrant range of colour and texture options.

Our range of acrylic sports surfacing systems are slip resistant for injury reduction. They are available in a large range of UV stable colours that are designed for durability against demanding sports traffic, glare resistance and can be recoated.

Our range of acrylic surfaces can be customised to achieve your desired performance, playability, and appearance. Choose from hard court or cushion court systems that feature the latest in court technology to provide superior and consistent surface pace and excellent force reduction results.

Manufactured in Australia, acrylic sports systems are environmentally friendly with no nasties like heavy metals or solvents.

Acrylic is easily applied to asphalt, concrete or even to existing acrylic court surfaces. Once installed, the textured uniform surface remains in excellent condition for many years. Applied with a squeegee, it is free of the joins and weak spots that make other surfaces vulnerable to weather and deterioration.

Easy and economical to maintain, our acrylic surface dries quickly after rain. It breathes without losing its bond with the original surface beneath and prevents the base from deterioration.

To find out more about how we can help you achieve the top results for your organisation, school, club, or private facility, arrange a consultation with a member of our experienced Grassports Australia team.

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