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Policlay surfaces

How about a tennis court with all the playing characteristics of a European clay court, without the requirement for watering, weeding, topdressing and line replacement?

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Grassports En Tout Cas red porous tennis courts are our history, great to play on, but expensive and time consuming to maintain in top condition. They also need copious amounts of water.

CLAY - A world wide recognised surface, again coming to the forefront in world competition tennis.

Designed and built on the proven construction methods gained from 40 years of porous and synthetic surface installation, we now have Policlay available in Rust or Evergreen, this densely configured polyethylene porous base complete with inbuilt 'tufted in' white marking lines is covered with a specially manufactured coloured silica to replicate the characteristics of clay.

Installation is quick and relatively inexpensive, especially when converting En Tout Cas surfaces. The court is ready for play at all times, even after the heaviest downpour. Ball bounce and playability replicate true clay surfaces; with the player confidently able to slide into any hard fought return.


  • Policlay requires no water.
  • Policlay is colourfast and will not stain or damage expensive clothing or clubhouse carpets and fittings.
  • Policlay can be installed indoors or outdoors, with a vertical or horizontal drainage system (or combination of both).

  • North Seaford Tennis Club
  • Greythorn Park Tennis Club
  • Essendon Tennis Club
  • Canterbury Tennis Club
  • Viewbank Tennis Club
  • St Lukes Tennis Club
  • Donvale Tennis Club
  • Doutta Gala Tennis Club
  • Casey Fields Tennis Club
  • Avondale Heights Tennis Club
  • St Andrews Brighton Tennis Club
  • Domain Tennis Centre, Hobart

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