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Synthetic grass tennis court builders

Grassports (En tout cas) installed their first synthetic grass tennis court in 1979. Since that time we have installed many thousands of tennis courts for private homes, clubs and institutions across Melbourne and Sydney. Many of Australia's finest homes have works constructed by us.

Synthetic grass playing surfaces have become Australia's most preferred tennis surface. Providing a visually attractive court, all weather usage, high standard of performance and minimal maintenance. Working closely with the synthetic grass industry many innovative surfaces and products have been installed and tested by our client base. State of the art surfaces are installed on various sub grades. Primarily a concrete or asphalt base, however conversions from En Tout Cas surfaces are easily carried out using a porous grass to enhance the excellent vertically draining surface.

Tennis Court

  • Various products are available in Synthetic grass, each providing a different playing and longevity characteristic.
  • Pile heights, styles and weights vary and are designed to perform to expected usage.
  • Line markings are "factory tufted in" to the grass carpet, thus elimination the requirement to cut into the grass carpet.
  • Special adhesives are used to join the grass.
  • Once the grass has been laid a silica sand is groomed into the carpet to provide the final playing characteristics.
  • Speed of play is determined by the quality and size of the sand particles.
  • Green sand may be used to visually enhance the appearance of the court.
  • Download our Supergrasse tennis court brochure for full specifications.

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